Vizcaya's Jammie Time at Obie's CM
(UKC CH Vizcaya's Wired For Sound CM JH - UKC CH Palownia's Sanibel Sally CM)
Our Only Wirehaired Vizsla!!
This page was last updated: April 17, 2013
BIMisc Vizcaya's Jammie Time at Obies CM  "PJ"
(UKC CH/BIMisc Vizcaya's Wired For Sound CM JH  X
UKC CH/BIMisc Palownia's Sanibel Sally CM)
Bred by: Beth Strickland, Nancy Edmunds & Rachael Murphy
Owned by: Peggy O'Brien and Nancy Edmunds
Elbows - Normal
CERF - Normal
BD: 3/20/11

~ BIMisc at the Douglasville Ga KC show over 4 other breeds!
~ BOB at the Oconee River Ga KC show over 3 other WV!
~ BOB at the Lawrenceville Ga KC show over 2 other WV!